A Note from Pastor Phil:

Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in our NextSteps initiative. God’s desire for each one of us as Christians is that we could be on a lifelong journey to become more like Jesus. Just as in any journey, we need a map and trusted guides to help us along the way. The reality is we all are a work in progress and none of us will “arrive” this side of eternity. We all need the constant grace and power of the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus.

Through NextSteps you will have an opportunity to assess your spiritual health and work with a trusted guide to customize a plan for growth. You will also have the opportunity to be part of a cohort of peers for the purpose of sharing the journey together. I am looking forward to all that god is going to do through NextSteps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. I hope you will register today!



NextSteps Purpose

The purpose of the NextSteps initiative is to encourage each Downtowner to commit to taking a “next step” in 2019 to grow in their faith. Emphasis will be placed on taking a step to grow in each of the 5 historic purposes of a disciple:

  1. Worship/Prayer
  2. Fellowship/Community
  3. Discipleship/Bible Study
  4. Ministry/Service
  5. Mission/Evangelism

NextSteps Resources

When you choose to be a part of the NextSteps initiative, you will receive the following resources to help you take the next steps to grow in the faith:

  1. A personalized orientation session with one of the pastors to help you customize your next steps plan.
  2. A Spiritual Health Assessment and Spiritual Health Planner.
  3. A monthly session with a spiritual health coach.
  4. A weekly devotional in your email inbox.
  5. A monthly video conversations with peers for encouragement and support.

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