Giving FAQs

What does my giving go towards?

Financial giving goes towards the church budget which includes supporting local, national, and global missions, maintaining our facilities, and personnel among many other items. For a copy of the church budget you can contact the church office.

How can I give?

You have the opportunity to give during the worship service at the designated time for giving. You also have the opportunity to give online in a safe and secure manner. You can give online by clicking here.  If you have any questions about giving, please contact the church office by calling 703-549-5083.

How much should I give?

Many use the model of tithing and give 10% of their earnings. The key for giving in the Bible is less about math and more about the attitude of the heart. Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians that Christians are to give sacrificially, consistently, cheerfully and generously.

Who handles my financial contributions?

We have a trusted team of volunteers who count the offering each week and an additional two administrators who record the contributions for tax purposes. At DBC we value your privacy in this area and your gifts are kept in strict confidence.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Yes. Your giving to DBC qualifies for a tax deduction. We provide giving statements at the end of the year for you to use when filing your taxes.