Baptism is an action instituted by Jesus Christ in which God, the believer, and the Christian community are all involved. In baptism new believers confess faith and share what God has already done in their lives. Here, there is also a ‘letting go’ in which new Christians abandon themselves to the grace of God and the resurrection power of the one who overcomes the chaos of death and sets our feet on the new path of life. The waters of baptism are a meeting place where human trust and the life-giving acts of God come together.

In baptism, God meets us and calls us to obedience and self-offering, as the forgiveness and grace of God are given tangible form. Here, the believer is incorporated into the Church, the body of Christ. Here, God commissions us for service and witness, and promises us the presence of the Holy Spirit — a promise made explicit in the laying on of hands.

From Gathering for Worship, published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain

If you feel called to be baptized, please contact a member of our Pastoral Staff team.