212 Next Gen

212 Next-Generation Project

Town Hall Meeting Announcement

Significant Change is Coming to Alexandria

Last November Amazon announced its plans to locate their HQ2 facility in nearby Crystal City which will bring over 25,000 jobs to our region. If all goes as planned even more jobs will be created as other businesses and non-profits respond to Amazon’s presence. In conjunction with Amazon’s announcement, Virginia Tech announced that it will be building a 1-billion-dollar campus for Innovation and Technology in the Potomac Yards section of Alexandria less than 2 miles from Downtown. The campus will house master’s and doctoral level programs.

These developments are significant. This could perhaps be the most significant development in our community since Metro opened in the late 1970’s. Every sector of community life is preparing for how this will impact their core mission. Our daughter works at the coffee shop, Commonwealth Joe, right across from where Amazon’s HQ2 will be and she said they are buzzing with new plans. Our school system is working hard to consider what this will mean for an already crowded school system. The real estate community is predicting that property values will go up as will monthly rents. And our city is considering what this means for infrastructure issues such as parking, traffic, metro, and affordable housing.

We Want to Be Responsive

As a church in the heart of Alexandria we want to be responsive to the changes around us. We don’t want to be a community that is unaware of how God may work and call us to respond to the developments in our city.

Long before Amazon and Virginia Tech announced their intentions, our Servant Leadership Council (SLC) began asking the question: “How can we best utilize our facility (212) for the glory of God, the good of our city and the vibrancy of our congregation. Amazon and VT’s announcements last fall helped to sharpen our focus. To this end, our SLC has launched a project titled, The 212 Next-Generation Project.

Our vision for this project is to chart a course for the future in which our facilities are utilized for the glory of God, the good of our city, and the vibrancy of our congregation. To help facilitate this journey we entered into an agreement with MFTA, an architectural firm that specializes in assisting churches in their desire to be responsive to their community.

We will be recruiting a team of 15-20 Downtowners to work with the firm and we are really excited to see what God is going to do. To hear more about these developments, the SLC is hosting two Town Hall meetings on Sunday, May 5 @ 9:30 and 12:15 in the Fellowship Hall. On behalf of the SLC we ask you to pray for what God will do in our future and we hope you will attend the Town Hall meeting.

With Anticipation,